Power Your Vehicle with Solar Powered Windshields

Let the Power of Solar Come to Your Windshields!

Solar powered vehicles rely on solar power windshields to create the juice to move the vehicle!

Wow, I thought solar power panels on new homes were pretty amazing!  Next up, our vehicles!  This takes me back in time to the great action adventure Back to the Future!  Here are a few facts about solar power on vehicles.  First, the car must be electric and have ample space on the windshields.  It uses Photovoltaic cells from solar energy.  The cells on the windshields or auto glass convert the solar energy directly into electricity.  Fascinating right? Source is from this auto glass and windshield replacement company in Phoenix, Arizona.

Even though they have not perfected the power of solely solar power on vehicles it looks as though they are on a great path in doing so!  Because they are unable to put the usual amount of panels on cars like they can on homes that create the massive amounts of energy it is not yet possible. Think of the day when we will no longer have to pay for gas or electric energy for this matter!  We will eventually look back and remember having to pull over to get gasoline.  Even better we will remember having to plug in our cars.  Strange to think it’s possible right now but it will definitely be in our near future!

Almost every major car company knows the value and demand of releasing the first solar powered car and that is why they are working diligently to produce the best!  The Ford C-Max Solar Energy has both gas and electric motors. Its total range is impressive at 621 miles, which includes 21 miles of all-electric driving.  This new car was featured at the CES 2014

Ford C-MAX Solar Energi

While this car made a great impression at the CES 2014, unfortunately, it still has a ways to go with trials to be actually placed on the market. One thing that is missing is a fail safe for locking yourself out of the vehicle. A source at Dealer Locksmith, Arizona says that as it is now, you have to always use a locksmith if you accidentally lock yourself out.  There are major benefits once the solar powered cars will be on the market.  The biggest benefit is environmental protection.  Since solar energy comes naturally from the sun it does not burn fossil fuels or air emissions.   Also, solar power does not deplete natural resources and it is considered a renewable resource that will never run out!  Lastly, the amount solar powered drivers will be saving yearly is substantial since the sun as an energy source is free!  The only maintenance owners will be looking at is the replacement of their batteries when needed!  Wow!

In The Blink of an Eye – It’s Solar!

Now a days, the chances of us all waking up and all mankind using solar power is not that far fetched. Being that solar power will soon be our main source of energy getting more knowledge and entertaining products that offer this available today will ease us all in to a safer and ultimately better environment. Using solar energy can keep our environment cleaner and no harmful emissions. Let’s face it. There are so many more cases of different harmful diseases and illnesses. Going solar will take us back to a more natural state and hopefully promote more health in our generation and the generations to come. What is cooler than using a product “the sun” that is “given” to us for free? We make many choices each year and yes, going solar may not be in most people’s budget as of now but more education could lead to more of the population getting on board and ultimately making it more reasonable in the near future. On average, it is calculated that one will earn back and pay off solar panels within a 5-10 year span. Because solar panels require much less movement that other forms of energy the likelihood of having to replace the panels are less likely. Learning about solar is clearly not a priority to most people. Because it almost seems surreal most people do not even want to go there until it is more user friendly and the availability is higher. How can we pick up the pace on this fantastic opportunity? This sounds like a win win situation. Why aren’t solar companies making more noise. Have they not perfected it yet? These are all questions that the general population would like to know. With technology being updated so often an investment of this sort is not a drop in the hat. If one purchases such a large investment such as solar panels for their home and something better comes out in a year this could be damaging for resale value. All in all, someday we will look back and wonder how we “all” didn’t take advantage of solar sooner.